• About the project

    We live in a very hasty time. Modern automatic production lines have almost completely replaced old crafts and ways of life-arrangement. Often old technologies that require patience and persistance from the masters, are unfairly forgotten. These methods and tips had been determining people`s lifes for many generations, they influenced the development of the society and way of life in it. Mostly, there was no need of high education for mastering the old production methods, because people built their lives from the ground up, making the world more convenient for themselves. That's why old tips and crafts can not be aside of the point of interest!

    In our time, forgotten crafts you can see at the historical festivals and open-air museums like Skansen. Every time a crowd gathers around a weaver or a potter working on a potter's wheel - it's such an exciting process! Old technologies are actively used in modern life in the Waldorf schools - for the children`s education, also ecological housing builders and restorers keep to them in their work.

    Our initiative is a non-profit project of people, who are interested in old(sometimes even ancient) technologies.
    Why did we started this? Just because we are interested in! 
    As long as it will be interesting to us, this project will exist. 

    Stay with us!